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What Students Say About Henderson Group Classes:

"Recommend this great class to both RACF beginners as well as seasoned RACF veterans. Stu is an awesome instructor!. Cannot wait to take the advanced class "
---Don Becker, Infocrossing Healthcare Services

"The only training class that had my full attention for 4 days. Best training class for RACF!! Stu is very knowledgeable and funny "
---Ryan Jarantilla, Verizon Wireless

"I enjoyed every minute! Stu made it fun to learn RACF. He made you think, but gave hints. His use of dance moves and revisiting previous days kept the information fresh "
---Deborah Bender, NYS HESC

"Stu's humor and lecture style are captivating. The technical detals are much easier to comprehend with the simple stories and theatrical plays! "
---Sue Rusher, BCBSSC

"Worth every minute. Excellent course for anyone who wants to really learn how RACF works "
---Constantin Makrelis, ISO

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"Stu brings a human aspect to RACF. We learned RACF without having to try "
---Scott Link, Bank of the West

"This class was very informative, eye-opening, and fun at the same time. Stu made learning RACF interesting"
---Carlos Nunes, United Parcel Service

"This class was able to bring a complex environment to a very practical level. Further, Stu was both very knowledgeable, yet very engaging and interesting,a rarity amongst technical classes"
---Eric Spiegel, Ernst & Young

"A wonderful common-sense approach with helping non-technical auditors execute IT audits with integrity and value for the company. "
---Brian Hagan, May Department Stores

"Great presentation. Great material for any level auditor."
---Milena Dishovska, KeyBank

"The class provides a comprehensive assessment of RACF and CICS settings and reports "
---Jason Steiner, University Hospitals

"Stu's method of presentation made it easy to understand the material. His breakdown of the RACF MVS process was great "
---Keely Thomas, Crowe Chizek

"This is one of the best courses I have ever taken during my 20-year career. The course teaches very technical information in a very easy to understand and enjoyable way"
---Alexis Stowe, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Very organized with great class materials. Instructor has excellent teaching skills which holds students' attention and aids in comprehending material "
---Leon Allen, Vigilant Services Corporation

"The class was excellent in terms of material, presentation, interaction, take-home materials, and best of all, enjoyment "
---Kyle Harvey, Ernst & Young

"Stu's classes are great. He is knowledgeable, personable and professional in all aspects. A definite must for auditors and data security admins alike "
---Mary Poole, BCBS - South Carolina

"Stu unlocks the secrets of IBM's great black box "
---Dale A. Price, Hearst Corporation

"Stu has tremendous depth of knowledge. Informative, not boring "
---John Deegan, HBC

"This is a needed course if you want to learn RACF auditing "
---Mike Nelson, Food Lion

" Full of energy, educational, entertaining "
---Tony Landsberg, Hannaford Bros. Co.

"Wonderful class on Web Application Security "
---Jerry Sokol, Office of Legislative Audits, Maryland

"Timely topic. Great Presentation. Excellent Speaker "
---Dianke Kopke, Mercantile

"Stu is energetic, interesting and injects good humor to keep the class alive and interesting "
---Jim Kalbac, HSA

"Stu's approach is very interactive and down-to-earth. Easy to understand, but he really knows his stuff "
---Chuck Zaepfel, SSA

"Stu Henderson is the Delphic Oracle of IT assurance. Any course of his is not to be missed "
---Jeffrey M. Zimmerman, Mosaic Inc.

"The course is very intriguing. I have learned in-depth content and out-of-the-box content about auditing and securing the mainframe "
---Jamila WIllimas, Clifton Gunderson

"Tons of information, great teaching, and real-experiences while learning how to be a better auditor "
---Victoria Lin, Deloitte & Touche

"Your attitude and personality along with your knowledge make you one of the best instructors I have ever had "
---Chad Everett, Admin. Office of the Courts

"Wonderful class, wonderful instructor, wonderful parables "
---Freda B. Hall, NC Office of the State Controller

"Stu does an excellent job of keeping the class "fresh" There was never a dull moment! "
---Anthony Register, NC Dept. of Health and Human Services

"Stu is extrememly knowledgeable. His experience as a system programmer and auditor allows him to provide real life examples that help all levels understand. Best mainframe training to attend "
---Jennifer Ware, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Stu makes the subject matter understandable "
---Evan Uwakwe, BB & T

"Stu makes these subjects interesting "
---Jim Loss, Progress Energy

"Stu is a fantastic instructor and easy to learn from. He is not boring and fully understands RACF "
---Freya Jones, JIS

"Stu Henderson has an excellent understanding on how the average RACF admin thinks and he teaches in a form that is easy to understand "
---Robert Lucca, Verizon Wireless

"Stu made the subject interesting and easy to learn "
---Mike McLaughlin, Andover Companies

"Excellent, should be required for every IT auditor "
---Steven Ford, OPM-OIG

"This is the most comprehensive course I have ever attended on operating systems, security, and middleware. The focus from different vantage points as users, administrators, system programmers, and auditors is invaluable "
---Karen Kozarevich, Royal Bank of Canada

"This is a great way to accidentally learn while having fun "
---Danita Hunt, Aegon

"This was the best class that I have ever taken hands down. The class was easy to grasp and I will be able to take what I've learned and apply it daily in my career "
---Alexandria V. Browne, Kaiser Permanente

"I had fun, and learned a lot "
---Lataya Lowery, Wachovia

"Stu is very knowledgeable and truly enjoys what he does. This makes the class informative and fun "
---Bill Kane, Deloitte + Touche

"Excellent course - Stu demystifies the mainframe and is clearly a subject matter expert "
---Michelle Sharples, Barclays Bank, UK

"It was a phenomenal class - mainframes aren't so intimidating any more! "
---Dianna Oglio, SMART Business Advisory and Consulting

"Stu presented highly technical information in a conversational easily understood manner. The references presented in the workbook will be very useful on future audits. "
---Fred Hansen, New Jersey Manufacturers

"Stu's knowledge and experience with RACF is right on the money "
---Carla Gros, Louisiana Dept. of Social Services

"I had more fun taking this class than any other, and I've taken many "
---Chakib El Warari, AIG

"Dynamic, Informative class. Now everything I've been doing makes sense "
---Deborah Fletscher, CSC

"Wonderful class - best ISACA training session I have taken. Covered a wealth of material in comprehensive and entertaining manner. "
---Ginny Pauling, American Republic Insurance

"I have been to many classes but this is the first one that I've been to that has gvien me something that I can take back and use in the real world. "
---Karen L. Chase, Lockheed Martin

"Stu has a wealth of knowledge in computer security and presents the material in an interesting and easy to understand manner. "
---Ron Murphy, First Citizens Bank

"Stu Henderson's mainframe training is informative and entertaining "
---Chris Wiebelt, AIG - VAUC

"You made security and auditing security a fun experience "
---Julia Bezubiak, RBC Financial Group

"An entertaining and knowledgeable presenter who infects you with his enthusiasm and humour "
---Dave Orme, Alliance & Leicester Group

"Stu is an excellent speaker who can communicate complex concepts in an easy to understand and fun fashion. He makes the time go by quickly and keeps class attendees engaged. "
---Phil Brock, SCANA Corp.

"Excellent combination of technical info and audit practices "
---Melissa Hilker, Sentry Insurance

"A detailed presentation, training, and education class that provides useful action plans, strategies, and examples for future assignments "
---Vincent DiGioia, Mitre

"Stu is adept at reading group feeling and level of understanding. The amount of information is staggering "
---Chris Wolfe, KPMG

"Stu took a dry topic and turned it into a humorous and entertaining learning experience "
---Matt Annen, KPMG

"The class is very valuable. It gives you a good overview of what to expect out of RACF and how to structure it to keep you environment as secure as possible. Highly recommended! "
---Jason Sizemore, Tampa Electric

"Stu made RACF simple to understand "
---Reginald Breedlove, Nashville Electric Service

"Stu is very passionate about RACF and makes the class enjoyable "
---Ray Farabee, BCBSFL

"One of the best training classes I have ever attended. I recommend anyone who does RACF to take this class "
---John Cornelius, State of Alabama

"Excellent class. Very helpful. Great class for beginning RACF administrators. "
---Andrew Russ, BCBSFL

"Very well designed and presented training, leaving you with material to walk away with "
---Wes Grant, Deloitte & Touche

"Very understandable format. Highly recommended "
---Erin French, First CiItizens Bank

"One of the most important audit courses I've ever taken "
---Keith McCourt, Royal Bank of Canada

"Look no further! Great mainframe training is right here. Stu will show you what to do! "
---Michael Sawyers, Charming Shoppes, Inc.

"Pound for pound the most informative training I've ever received "
---Sam Vallicelli, Health Care Service Corp.

"This session helped me a lot to connect the dots and understand the logic of the moving parts. The books are a great reference that I will use moving forward. "
---Ozkan Kivanc, Deloitte & Touche

"Stu made a fun exercise out of a dry subject "
---Craig Timlin, Baltimore County Govt.

"The course thoroughly covered and explained the basics for performing an audit of your MVS mainframe operating system. "
---Jim Shewchuck, NJM Insurance Group

"Great seminar. Very helpful. Stu was excellent in his presentation "
---Bill Kallsen, Great West CasualtyCo.

"Stu kept the training interesting and the audience engaged throughout "
---Thomas Leach, Wachovia

"Stu is far and away the best informed and most entertaining instructor I've experienced. This results in a very effective educational experience "
---Michael Levinson, Hannaford Bros. Co.

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