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InfoSec Training

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We offer the following courses for information security staff:

HG04: Effective RACF Administration

gives you practical, easy-to-understand instruction in how to get more out of IBM's premier computer security software.
Stu Teaching RACF security

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HG05: Advanced RACF

How to secure USS (UNIX under MVS), TCP/IP, the Websphere Server, MQ series, SDSF, and others.

HG06: UNIX (USS) For RACF Administrators

Learn how to administer USS security as part of RACF administration. Shows RACF administrators how UNIX security works, how it is different for USS, and everything you need to know to administer USS security.

HG17: Comprehensive z/OS Security

Learn: MVS Security, JES Security, VTAM Security, DB2 Security, CICS Security, and how they all fit together. Shows mainframe security adminsitrators how to address the Trusted Computing and security for the basic system software components.

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